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I was born in New Jersey in 1967 one summer morning, just an ordinary 3rd generation American brought into this world. At age 7 I started playing piano then onto violin and at age 10 electric guitar. At age 13 I was lucky to work on the first personal computer programming pascal and my second electric guitar a Fender Stratocaster spending countless hours doing great things. By age 13 I also wrote my first song acoustic guitar and sax with a neighbor Chris Rouse ( hope he still has the analog tape ), jammed with my best friends Dave, Chris, Jeff, and Edmund playing songs from U2, INXS, RUSH, Van Halen, Billy Idol, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Santana, The Kinks, The Stones etc. We used to have almost weekly parties at Dave's garage and I remember playing You Really Got Me, Satisifaction on my shitty amp in front of some hot girls Tracy and Missy. Those were such great times. I performed in my teenage and early 20s and by age 18 had my first copyright. I have been fortunate to have met some legendary people in my early days and have spent my life up until now crafting my own unique perspectives on life. I recognized at an early age that after years of hard effort it is best to abandon the chains that bind ones own creative space and embark on a unique experience. That is why I refused shortly after I turned 20 to ever play a copy again. I took the dive in deep and reached beyond this universe in my experience and have created a style that is my own with great thanks to all of the eclectic influences of my past. Everyday I look at life as best I can with a fresh lens and absorb as much as it can give. I love meeting

who know that life is nothing more than experience and perception. I have acquired many skills over the past half a century and am proud of and all of its capabilities. It is the culmination of my passions up until now. Technology, music, writing, film and digital art. I am a true scientist and experiment almost every day each and every year pushing the envelope of what can be done with audio, video, web and print.

Why to choose me?

I am an organized, creative, passionate person who enjoys creating great things.

Whether it is a web site, photograph or piece of digital art, custom program, music composition, short film, poem, or short story I combine the skills I have acquired over the past 40 years to create something that stands out from the crowd.

Here is my vision.

I have a unique outlook on life. I feel that life is experience, good, bad, ugly and spectacular. Actually at 50 I don't like qualifying an experience with adjectives and prefer to just experience life as pure as it can be experienced. I am connected with nature and this planet both physically and emotionally. All the things I create have no limits. I do not censor my art or close my mind to new ideas. I read writings from centuries ago and today fusing the past and the present to create a unique perspective on why we are all here. I have created hundreds of web sites since 1998, personal and for profit. I have also created over 600 eclectic musical compositions and helped artists create great art since the mid 1980s. The best thing in life is life and all the varied experiences one can have in a single moment. I create because I love. I stand up and am counted when there is a problem that needs correcting. I look forward to collaborating with you on your next audio, visual, web or print project!

what i do.

web design

I create web sites using templates or from scratch depending on your budget.


I code custom algorithms to accomplish a specific task whether it is high frequency trading or data aggregation.


I own and operate a production studio in nothern New Jersey that creates music, photos, video, online training productions and all sorts of creative things. I have a team of freelancers who assist with projects that have a larger budget and requirement.I look forward to helping you with your next project!

Let's work together indeed!

I am available for freelance projects.

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Here's some of my recent work from my portfolio

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What people say.

Worked with John over numerous years. Always willing to put in the extra work! Always very personable as well.

Charles C., Client

His in-depth knowledge of algorithmic trading, technical analysis, trade system development and strong customer relationship skills will help any organization he chooses to work for. I strongly support and recommend him for future endeavors.

Samir S., Client

John is a great guy! We worked together for several years at CQG, his knowledge and experience are second to none. He is missed by his co-workers and our clients. I am happy to recommend John for any position to which he may apply.

Anthony S., Colleague

John is detail oriented, focused, and diligent. Always going above and beyond to help the customer.

Christina F., Manager

John taught me the inner workings of CQG as well as how to build superlative trading systems. His patience and easy going attitude, coupled with his extensive understanding of trade systems and financial markets during our numerous and frequent interactions made him an indespensible guide and resource. I can not recommend him highly enough.

C. Macneil C, Client

Not only is John great person, but also really knows his stuff, is always professional and pays attention to details. In short, he's a pleasure to work with.

Simon C., Client

John is a extreme professional in all aspects of the tasks that he takes on.

Aaron S., Client

John brings a good attitude to whatever he works on, a determination to see things to their conclusion, and a solid set of technical skills to get the job done.

Ralph K., Client


let's work together on projects,just send me email

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